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Swarm Robot Wars


Website; Core team members: 2; January 2012 - March 2012

Swarm Combat is a web-based asynchronous multiplayer strategy game where the players design a set of instructions for their swarm drones to execute when they enter the battlefield against the opponent's drones. You can watch completed battles on the site.

When we wanted to form a game studio, we signed up for the Mozilla Game Jam 2013 to see how well we'd work together under a deadline, while also remote (my teammate was in Boston while I was in Berkeley).

Related: Zoako Studios was formed immediately after this.

Building for the web, which is a platform that we were both learning as we went along, we were able to secure Notable Runner-Up in the division we were vying for (Hackable Games).

[NOTE: Prize link currently dead, Mozilla took down the 2013 competition site :( See google cached page without any css]

Competencies gained

  • Game design
  • Web server development
  • AI design/development
  • Data synchronization
  • Remote project management


  • Cofounder
  • Game designer
  • Talent manager
  • Web designer
  • Anything else needed