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Slice Music Player


Play Store; Core team members: 5; April 2010 - May 2010

Note: The app has not been maintained and is hence incompatible with modern phones. Also, the former music provider is now defunct.

Slice is one of the earliest music discovery apps for Android built as part of Olin's second ever Mobile Application Development class created by Prof. Mark Chang. Slice features discovering artists similar to the one you choose to start with.

Watch the video review by AppJudgment

Slice uses the EchoNest music API to do the similarity detection, and as the music provider for the audio library. The app is now defunct as we did not pursue a new music provider when shut down their agreements with all major record labels.

Competencies gained

  • Mobile application design
  • Product management
  • Authentication system integration


  • Android developer
  • UX architect