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Operation Dicestorm


Website; Core team members: 2; February 2011 - Current

Operation Dicestorm is a unique board-game that we are aiming to crowdfund for our first release in 2016.

The design focuses on providing different levels of gameplay depth for different players. We do this by emphasizing three factors to performance - strategy, dexterity and chance - which are intricately interwoven.

Iterations of the game has been playtested with over 100 players as of November 2014. Over 40 of them have subscribed for updates from our Facebook page. And several of them have expressed interest in buying our prototype versions off us when we playtested with them!

Competencies gained

  • Game and balance design
  • Physical product design
  • Product pitch and presentation
  • Playtest (user test) organization
  • Communication of complex instructions
  • Product management


  • Creator
  • Game design lead
  • Team manager
  • Community manager
  • Anything else needed