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Website; Core team members: 4; April 2012 - Current

BitGym (Active Theory, Inc) is a startup based out of Berkeley, California. We took on the mission of making staying fit more fun through technology.

We built fitness games, game developer tools, and are now pushing our own consumer product. Everything from BitGym uses our advanced computer vision technology that detects and tracks exercise using just the front-facing camera on a mobile device.

BitGym currently has ~20,000 active users. About 10% are monthly paying customers. ~40% of both segments are Android users, my direct responsibility at BitGym.

Competencies gained

  • Playful system design
  • Mobile product design/dev
  • Fitness tech industry insight
  • AR applications
  • 3D UI design/dev
  • API and SDK design
  • User acquisition, customer satisfaction
  • Contract management


  • Cofounder
  • Android lead
  • UX and product designer
  • Anything else needed


First standalone release: Fit Freeway

The first iOS cardio game ever. Place your tablet on a cardio machine and work out to race! [I was uninvolved]

Read on Engadget December 2011

I join BitGym as Cofounder

I start working on the BitGym SDK Android tech, and bring our motion game Bit Breaker to Android.

Bit Breaker on Google Play April 2012

Cardio and Motion SDK Release

BitGym's Cardio and Motion SDK for iOS and Android allow you to turn mobile devices into mini-Kinects and more! Designed for game development.

Featured on Engadget, Venturebeat, Gizmodo and more.

Read on Engadget September 2012

BitGym Pivots

We find the market is not ready for cardio gaming developer tools, so we have to prime it! We decide to make our own consumer offering. I begin leading user interviews and a user-oriented design process as BitGym dives into idea prototyping.

March 2013

BitGym Kickstarter Campaign

Once we validated a functional prototype, we designed, launched and successfully completed a Kickstarter fundraising campaign for our product idea.

Featured on Mashable, TechCrunch, FastCompany, and several fitness blogs

Read on Kickstarter September 2013

BitGym iOS Release

The public release of our flagship product to the app store.

BitGym on App Store December 2013

BitGym Android Release

Right after core product functionality, I led development bringing BitGym to Android.

BitGym on Google Play April 2014

BitGym Wins Best Startup Augmented World Expo 2014

I led application and product design integrating an augmented reality overlay system we developed in-house with the BitGym app.

Read on AWE Page June 2014

BitGym Featured on iOS App Store

With the latest fixes and design and AR functionality, we made it to the featured Health and Fitness apps.

Read on AWE Page October 2014