Notes - Hollow World


The Work’s

  • A narrative form of depicting game design principles
  • Fictional story with a meta twist on “humans sucked into game”


  • experiment with a new form of design writing
  • hone fiction skills

Race self-evolves until it becomes the universe.

Notes - Spinner


The threads of people’s lives pass over and twist under each other’s. Some people are influential points (seved’sepnan) in the great loom of the universe. They can take seemingly simple actions and have a notable impact on the lives of people around them.

Unlike most seved’sepnan, Cheonan has an intuition for how her actions affect others, rather than it just happening, giving her some level of control over the lives of people around her.



Large scale? Personal? Internal? Between the reader and the book? Political conflict - two nations, non-central in the war but on opposite sides She ends up making them forge an unwilling alliance? She should be removed for something trivial, not her serious meddling.

Girl trajectory

She meddles with people for fun. She observes people and tries to put a twist on whatever they are trying to do that will surprise both them and others involved.

Plot devices

  • Multiple core characters trading focus over time
  • Gradual introduction of core characters, gradual removal (est. core character overlap of 25% of their lifespan) - probably by death
  • Pilot chapter kill the main lead 75% of the way through
  • New core character will be someone introduced 50% of the way through
  • Overarching plot element that isn’t tied to any single character
  • A war is about to happen. Why?
  • An artifact - It gives the weilder a profound understanding of life strands


  • Flesh out the universe
  • No “good” and “evil”. Everyone must have a relatable objective
  • Mid-fantasy. There’s inexplicable elements to the universe but in a self-consistent, detailed manner. Low on “magic.”
  • Life strands
  • Races/creatures, subtle variations on human
  • Artefact? Monster? Golems seem good.



Get attached to the characters. Do not intend to kill anyone. Don’t become Akame Ga Kill.

core - Cheonan

Ability to perceive how to manipulate the strands of nearby lives. What is her personality? What is her aspiration? What is her weakness? What makes her relateable?

core - Perceptive bystander

a brightshade. learn about brightshades through him/her.

core - antagonist?

Write first, think later

Cheonan twirled her hair absent-mindedly, seated on the rim of the mortared barricade around Adean’s Tree of Life. She glanced at the seved’unan tree and scoffed inwardly. A joke that people in the wilting town still called that gnarled ancient a Tree of Life. The majority of its branches piercing the grey skies were completely bare, letting the glare of the diffused sun straight through, forcing Cheonan to shade her eyes with a hand. Completely bare, save for a single seved’unasi bloom, the only reason it preserved its role as Tree of Life.

But Cheonan didn’t choose this spot for the non-existent shade of the seved’unan. She chose it for the bustling crowds flowing through it – the hawkers bordering the streets, the children weaving their way between the legs of grumpy adults, the pickpockets threading the mess looking for victims unaware. Seated on the Tree’s barricade, Cheonan peered past the shoulders of the homemakers thronging the fruitseller’s storefront. She noticed a young lad’s pet freevil poking its furry white head out of an all-too-large coat pocket, while its owner tried futilely to needle his way to the front. The chap probably wanted to get a pomegranate for his freevil to chew through. The little buggers loved those things. But fruits were rare in recent moons, seeing as how even the evergreen seved’unan was all but dead. Something was definitely amiss in the world. Cheonan closed her eyes briefly and took a deep breath. Recently she seemed to care about what’s going on in the rest of the world too much. Eternal rainless clouds weren’t her concern, let the farmers worry about that.

Cheonan opened her eyes, and exhaled. She resumed scanning the crowd, and cracked a smile almost immediately. Yes, this one would do nicely, she thought, carefully eyeing a Brightshade, making sure not to lose sight of…her? Yes, it was a woman. Brightshades were harder to notice the more light shone on them. The diffused sun made them hard to focus on, but discernable from a distance. Cheonan always was especially good at noticing folk who didn’t want to be noticed. Her smile widened. She could close her pattern for the day.