Keerthik’s “Should I start/cofound this company” guide

  1. Do you believe in your team? If your team had to clean porta-potties together for a week to make an important deal happen, would you be able to support each other through it?

  2. Do you and everyone else on the team care about the mission of the company, significantly more than
    • the product idea, solution, or tech?
    • making a company to say ‘I made a company/have startup experience/I’m the CEO and cofounder’?
    • making money?
  3. Are you (the team) uniquely qualified to embark on this mission? It can be world-class specialized technical expertise, unique familiarity and insight into the problem space, rare and highly relevant interdisciplinary experience, or even just a strong gut feeling and passion for the mission.
  • from “Keerthik’s Handbook to Life”, on “Starting a Company”