Keerthik’s romantic cultural-fetish diagnostic guide

1) do you culturally belong to the classification X yourself (ie, you’re also white/asian/indian and want to date the same?) 2) did any of your last 3 (or as many as applicable) elongated romantic involvements deviate from the classification X? 3) were you inextricably culturally immersed among those people (you lived in china and dated only chinese boys/girls)?

if you answer “no” to all of those you at high risk of X fetishism

answering ‘yes’ reduces your risk, from less to more, in order for questions 1 < 2 < 3

ie, answering ‘yes’ to (1) is the least likely to reduce your risk

  • from “Keerthik’s Handbook to Life”, on “Romance” and “Multiculturism”