Add yourself as a contact on gchat – use another account if you have one, or create one. This is useful for messaging stuff between your phone and computer in a very streamlined way.


Use the temples/temple-tips of my glasses to push the grounding pin of power sockets

Carry the cloth that cleans glasses in my wallet.

Carry around an old candy-bar phone as an emergency phone. These normally use full-size SIMs, but you can just carefully place a micro/nano SIM over the contacts and stuff paper around it to keep it from moving.


Subways: Download a static image of the subway map and use it as a panoramic background for your phone home screen. It’s way better than bothering with subway apps.

Book travel in the middle of the week. Book flight dates that are in the middle of the week too. Book approximately 3 months ahead of your first leg. If you’re on a multicity vacation, try adding an extra major metropolitan city that’s along the route, it might reduce prices drastically.

Learn python. Write scripts to crawl flight-search sites. Here’s a flight searcher toy to get you started.

Ludicrous ones

Spike my hair so that when it brushes against things, I get a fraction of a second of advance notice that something might collide with my head. This allows me to either evade it, or at the very least brace for impact if I have insufficient control of the circumstance.