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Last Updated: September 2015
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Get Cooking

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As I turn 30, I decided to write about a rather unexpected topic. I’m far from the best cook I know by a variety of metrics. Yet I may be one of the people who cooks for the self most often among those I know. To me, cooking is about figuring out how you can obtain food you can eat with the ability to tune for as many parameters as possible, including convenience, cost, health, amenities, quantity, time commitment and sex appeal.

Being a good cook is partially about being able to produce good tasting food. Maybe 10%? The rest of it is in how well you are able to tune for things that are important to you, as the cook and the client.

It’s a habit, not an event

Cooking is not what you do any one evening you spend in the kitchen. It’s being comfortable, prepared and efficient at converting time and ingredients into a meal that meets the requirements of everyone eating. This is an important perspective to have


Cooking is the easiest way to eat healthy regularly. Yet it’s even easier to make yourself sick by cooking – the uninitiated cook’s biggest challenge isn’t following a recipe accurately, it’s not poisoning themselves. “How would I poison myself?”

  • Bad perishables groceries: either you got them bad, they weren’t stored correctly till you used them, or they were and you didn’t know or didn’t keep track of their expiry.

  • Bad non-perishables: yes the name makes it sound like this shouldn’t be a concern, but it is. Your condiments can dehydrate, bugs can nest in them, mold can grow near them and release spores all over them if improperly stored.

  • Spoiled cooked food: you cooked some food, you had some leftovers. You kept it in the fridge. Maybe even in the freezer. One day maybe, oh, I dunno 3 months later?…it’s raining outside, you have no ingredients, and you get hungry at 11pm and raid your own fridge. It has icicles and the container has a faint yellow glow. Your food has separated into 3 distinct layers you don’t remember preparing it in. You eat it anyway.

  • Improperly prepared food: you thought you were making food. But something got a bit burnt. Or perhaps a bit