Stories from my childhood


My parents used to have multi-tiered security systems to prevent me from playing on the computer (see other stories). Each one was used until they strongly suspected I had figured out a way to bypass it.

One such gate was where they would remove the PC power cable and take it with them (or hide it really well, I never managed to find it when they did this) when they would leave for extended periods of time from the house.

During one of my pre-exam weekends, my parents were going to be out for a while, over 6-7 hours. Power cord gone. I searched for about 20 minutes, and as I was looking behind the fridge (because why not) I realized it used the same cable as my PC. I don’t remember the brand of fridge, but more fridges need to do this. Needless to say, the fridge remained unplugged for the next 5 hours as I gamed/goofed off making game prototypes and what not to my heart’s content. I heard my parents’ car pulling into the driveway, and zipped to the kitchen to replace the cord.

I’m not sure if they ever figured out why the milk they had bought the previous day had gone bad by the time they tried to use it that night.