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Last Updated: 2015 December
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The Candid Intro

Recently when I meet people, and if I’m not provided an intro, I like to quickly try to figure out whether they are interesting to me to invest in getting to know better.

“Where do you work/study?” This is the worst form. It’s judgmental against people who don’t do the specific thing you asked, makes it awkward if the person is a student or freelancer, and in general tries to fit people to a mold that fewer and fewer people fit into in today’s world.

A better version is “What do you do?” This allows people to answer with any occupation, or being a parent, or looking for a job, or doing art at home. This still favors people who have a specific, well-known and well-understood job title or occupation, and is a little bit more awkward for someone who doesn’t fit that bill to answer.

A simple twist that I prefer is “Tell me about what you do.” This levels the playing field a bit more, since it discards the importance of succinct depiction where titles have an advantage. It encourages people to go into equal depth whether they have a well-known job description or if they do something noone else ever considered possible.

Going even broader is “What makes you tick?” This allows people to not feel reliant on their full time job or source of income as a conversation point. “Sorry”