Things I’ve written

Sometimes I write things, very slowly. They span a wide range of topics. I may link the same thing in a couple places.

Here’s my thoughts about writing

Latest piece: place-people

Cities: Nomad Chronicles

I didn’t think I’d write about this much. However, being a nomad became a significant part of my identity and cities became my closest friends so I talk about it now – a lot.

There are better resources for facts and tips about specific cities, I recommend nomadList by fellow nomad @levelsio.


I talk a lot about game design, occasionally about other things game-related.

More game-specific stuff over at Operation Dicestorm and Color Balls blogs


I think a lot about education. Surprisingly often I’m torn between placing a post here or above in Play, because I talk about games + education a lot.

Tech and Product

Entrepreneurial stuff, product ideas, technology and programming-related talk.

More product-specific stuff over at Operation Dicestorm and Color Balls blogs

Meta: About Writing, the World, and Life

My favourite thoughts about the all other things I think about, usually in tiled rooms with running water.

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